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Allow me to share with you some very informative articles on Feed-In-Tariff:

I. Renewable Energy at What Cost? Assessing the Effect of Feed-In-Tariff Policies on Consumer Electricity Prices in the European Union, by Christopher A. Klein, MA. Feed-In Tariffs have emerged as the dominant policy instrumental for supporting electricity from renewable sources in the European Union during the last two decades. This paper examines the effect of such feed-in-tariffs on consumer prices for electricity.

II. Learning From The German Transition To Renewable Energy, by Julius Fischer. German policy makers played a crucial role in the evolution of feed-in-tariffs (FITs) for renewables. FITs are the most elegant and effective policy instrumental in incentivizing renewable energy deployment in a cost-effective manner. Germany also has an impressive record of success in deploying renewable energy (esp. solar), and set high targets of efficiency improvement and renewables deployment. It is clear that we can use German example to show that renewable energy can and does create jobs and lower costs. The discourse surrounding the energy transition has ranged from whether the grid expansion can keep up with renewable energy deployment to whether the grid liability can be maintained  (and yes it definitely can), and whether shutting down nuclear power in Germany will only result in imports of nuclear power from France or the Czech Republic (it hasn’t). There are also questions of whether household electricity consumers or industry should pay less, and whether the energy transition can be done cheaper.

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