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As a result of our petition campaign for “Solar-FIT For Sunshine State“, I’ve been receiving many questions from our visitors/readers/viewers about the incentive policy Feed-In-Tariff. Below is a simple explanation. For more complete history and description of this policy, please click on FIT (Feed-In-Tariff).

Solar Energy Waiting For Us

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Simply put, Feed-In-Tariff allows any solar energy producer to get a guaranteed rate (feed-in rate) for the energy they produce or the excess energy they produce within a fixed period of time (this period may vary from place to place and may change subject to reassessment). Feed-In-Tariff is an incentive policy that will help the spread of solar installations by guaranteeing solar energy producers to be able to sell the excess energy they produce back to the power/utility company. ┬áThis creates a synergistic relationship with the utility company because it will help to reduce the load on utility company during peak demand (when sun is shining brightly) and to provide incentive for people to stay on the grid. With greater certainty of return on the investment, financial institutions are more likely to want to lend money to those who are intending to become solar energy producers. Feed-In-Tariff has proven to be the most effective policy in stimulating the spread of solar installations, local jobs, local economic prosperity and helping the local economy to shift away from dependence on fossil fuel. This policy has been responsible for Germany’s economic prosperity and Germany’s having one of the lowest unemployment rate among all European nations. It has also worked beautifully in Gainesville, FL. We would like to see this policy extending beyond Gainesville so that all of the Floridians will ┬ábe able to enjoy the benefit of our glorious sunshine through this policy.

I hope this is clear. Please feel free to contact me if you need further clarifications.

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