France Is On Track Developing Economic and Technological Solutions To Speed Up the Deployment of Solar PV (15 GW by 2020!)


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Fantastic news! I just found out yesterday (April 26, 2013) that ADEME (The French Environment and Energy Management Agency) has recommended France to triple its solar PV target from 5.4 GW (gigawatt) to 15 GW by 2020. As study by ADEME indicated that solar PV has the potential to reach grid parity in the coming years and therefore is an essential component for sustainable energy policies. France celebrated the added 1.08GW of PV capacity in 2012, represented by over 34,500 plants,  according to French Ministry of Energy, Ecology, and Sustainable Development. Solar PV has the potential to not only solve our energy problem, but also to fight against climate change, to help create local jobs, improve local industrial development and economic prosperity, according to ADEME. ADEME recommends that France concentrate on installing large rooftop PV systems to boost installed capacity and support the domestic solar industry. One can see that ADEME is on the right track toward developing economic and technological solutions to speed up the deployment of solar PV in France. Examples of rooftoop PV, below:

Rooftop photovoltaic power station at Googleplex, California

rooftop pv panels in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Rooftop from the Chicago Center for Green Technology

Rooftop Solar Panel array at the Kuppam i-Community Office

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