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Sorry about the delayed update on our petition campaign. My mother’s health ┬áneeded some extra attention lately and I will try to make it up to you later.

Firstly, our updates on the Solar-FIT For Sunshine State petition: we’re up to 158 signatures! Please help to spread more sunshine by signing and sharing this petition with others. Thanks!


Now, for today’s piece: For those of you who enjoy lounging at the beach, under our glorious sunshine, the only thing that would make this moment even better would be the availability of music of your choosing….perhaps not so easy when the beach is far from an outlet. What would you do to get some lyrical harmony?

Eton Rukus Solar to the rescue! It is a portable Bluetooth sound system powered by the sun. With a simple design and surprisingly high quality sound, this boombox will be raising a rukus wherever you/we go (if you have an Eton Rukus Solar Sound System). There is a slight resemblance to portable radios of the past, featuring two cylindrical speakers on the side with power buttons and other controls in the middle, and a built-in handle for carrying. Unlike the boombox of the 80’s, it sports a big solar panel where the tape deck used to be. The entire device looks and feels very sturdy so you can comfortably bring it outside. Oh, something extra, you can plug your phone into the device’s USB port while it’s in use. If the Rukus starts with a decent charge and is placed in direct sunlight, you can enjoy unlimited music without draining your phone’s battery. It’s a closed loop sound system! Eton claims that the solar panel can recharge the device in six hours, either via direct sunlight or by using the USB charging port and wall adapter. I found a pretty informative youtube for you to view. Take a look, below:

~have a bright and sunny and musical day~

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