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Remember at the end of March this year I wrote a post on “First U.S. City Requiring Solar (Lancaster, CA). We Need More Mayors Like Mayor Parris!“. Well, nearly 400 miles away, in Sonoma County, the liberal stronghold of fewer than 8,000 residents in the city of Sebastopol, CA four days ago (on Tuesday) became California’s second city to require that all new buildings and additions (and the first to require residential and commercial buildings) be outfitted with solar PV to produce solar energy.

The system would have to provide 2 watts of power per square foot of insulated building area or offset 75 percent of the building’s annual electric load. In situations where solar power is impractical (such as shaded areas) new buildings may use other energy alternatives or pay a fee. Councilman Patrick Slayter, who co-authored the measure with Mayor Michael Kyes, remarked that the council’s action  was “on the low end of the scale (of controversy), which is welcome.” In honor of Sebastopol, CA ‘s status as being the First City to Require All New Residential and Commercial Buildings to be Outfitted With Solar PV, I’d like to share a video on Sebastopol’s Link to its Past, below:

Carrie Cullen Hitt, senior vice president of state affairs at the Solar Energy Industries Association says she thinks mandated solar power is a trend that will likely grow but that people shouldn’t worry that a wave of change will happen in their neighborhoods anytime soon. California is already a solar power friendly state, ranking the third state with the most solar jobs per capita in USA by the Solar Foundation, and has more solar workers than it has actors.

Let’s hope that there will soon be a third and more cities joining this movement so we will be able to truly call this A Solar Trend….let’s hope this will not be a trend only confined to the state of California…

~have a bright and sunny day~

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