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Updates on our Solar-FIT For Sunshine State petition: 163 signatures strong. We need more! Please help us to spread more sunshine by signing this petition and sharing it with others. It is our shared responsibility to move toward the renewable energy age and Sunshine is the cleanest, healthiest, and least war-prone way to go!

No, I’ve not yet forgotten about what I’ve promised you (please refer to my previous post,  May 22, 2013)…. I did manage to get  mom to go outside for a short while, to sit on the front porch under sunshine, to enjoy looking at the growing flowers and even to walk a bit toward her nearby neighborhood park. Now, I’d like to see her strength to increase to the point so she’ll be able to maintain more involved growing projects similar to what I’ve been growing at my home, shared with you below.

Tomato plant supported by glorious Florida sunshine

Orange tree plant also grown in container

Yes, I am growing these tomato and orange tree plants in containers! It’s worked out quite well. So, I’ve also started on various types of herbs and other vegetables such as peppers and egg plants.

Can you believe it: these are all grown in one container!

Perhaps you’d like to consider trying this at your home too? What a wonderful way to utilize our glorious sunshine! Growing food locally will not only be increasing the nutritious value of our food items, it will also help to reduce our carbon footprint (less transporting cost). What could be more local than your own yards, front porches, balconies, or windowsills?

If you’re interested in more involved “Green Projects”, you will definitely enjoy our next post.

~have a bright and sunny day~

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