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Dear Friends, Visitors/Viewers/Readers,

I’d like to share a correspondence from Solar Impulse with you all. Let’s show Bertrand and Andre that we are fully behind them and wish them success in flying Across America and in preparing to complete the construction of HB-SIB for 2015 Around The World Flight!

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Dear Susan Sun,

We’re proud to announce that Solar Impulse has arrived in Dallas, Texas carrying the names of over 35,000 Clean Generation movement members! We’re especially excited by the number of young people we’re engaging – we know they are the key to the long-term success of our Clean Generation movement.
As we travel across the United States, we make sure to meet with students of all ages. Traveling to campuses and schools to make presentations and interact with students is a big part of how we spend our time on the ground. So far on our USA mission, we’ve already met with students from many schools, including Sunnyvale Fairwood Elementary School, San Mateo Union High School, and Stanford University.
Our sponsors help defray the costs of building and operating the plane itself, but our educational programs depend entirely on funding from people like you.
Today, we’re asking you to help support our educational efforts – and with a donation of $50 or more, we’ll also send you our exclusive 2013 Across America flight patch. This is the very same patch we wear on our flight jackets, and this is your chance to get one:
When we open the plane for public viewing at each of our stops, the questions students ask are a real highlight – often, they are better than we hear from adults.  And when a student sees the plane for the first time, the look on his or her face is priceless.
For young people, our plane is living proof that a clean technology future is more than just a dream – and our mission isn’t accomplished unless we can bring this inspiration to thousands of students around the world.
We keep our costs low — a donation of $50 will pay for 2 students to learn about our plane and clean technology.  Every little bit helps — just think of the satisfaction you’ll get knowing you helped support our educational programs.
We’re so happy to have your support. Next stop: St. Louis! As always, we’ll keep in touch about the exact flight schedule and opportunities for public viewing.
Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg

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