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For our continued report on Across America Mission of Solar Impulse. Solar Impulse HB-SIA will be getting ready for its third leg between Dallas, TX and St. Louis, MO on Monday, June 3, 2013.

I’d like to share an email from our Solar friends Andre Borschberg & Bertrand Piccard of the Solar Plane-Solar Impulse,  and a video clip of Across America Mission of Solar Impulse below:

Dear Susan Sun,

There seems to be a positive weather window opening up this Monday, June 3rd, for Solar Impulse to continue its Across America mission. With Bertrand at the commands, the solar airplane will take-off from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport around 4:30AM CT (UTC-5) to complete the third leg of the journey that will lead it to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (MO). Landing is scheduled after midnight CT (UTC-5).

This tornado-stricken region, characterized by high turbulence and strong winds, has made it quite challenging to find the appropriate conditions to continue the adventure.  But things seem to be clearing up and Solar Impulse is excited to discover the symbolic city of St. Louis.

On the footsteps of aviation pioneers, Bertrand and André want to awaken people’s pioneering spirit and St. Louis is the perfect place to do so. In fact, early US aviation history can be tracked back to the days when Charles Lindbergh transported US Mail between Chicago and St. Louis before his attempt to cross the Atlantic. Even though the historic “Spirit of St. Louis” was built in San Diego (CA), it was St. Louis businessmen and entrepreneurs that had the knack for exploration and financed the adventure that successfully led Lindbergh to fly from New York to Paris in 1927. In fact, the airport in St. Louis was named after an important St. Louis businessman, Albert Bond Lambert, who contributed to financing the crossing of the Atlantic.

For those of you that are in the St. Louis area, the Solar Impulse team is working hard to organize an Open House for the public to come see the solar airplane with their own eyes! Although not yet certain, we like to be optimists so you should too! Sign up here to get your name on the Waitlist; we will then inform all registered persons directly about the date and time of a potential visit.

Please be aware that the flight schedule could change before Monday if the Flight Director orders to fly another day or change the itinerary.  You can regularly check the Solar Impulse website for the latest news concerning the flight or other updates.

Don’t forget that Solar Impulse always films the entire mission flights live. Just go directly to Solar Impulse TV and see the pilots, one from the cockpit and the other from the ground, follow interviews with the people that make it happen and watch footage from past events and flights. Also on the live page, and during all flights, there’s a moving map and virtual cockpit allowing viewers like you to feel as if they too were in the cockpit

Solar Impulse is not only about showcasing the potential of clean technologies, but about spreading a message. As part of the Clean Generation initiative, launched with the Across America mission, Solar Impulse wants to inspire and incite politicians, businessman and ordinary people to invest in clean technologies. The more people that join the movement the stronger the message; for this reason, a custom-designed flag displaying the Clean Generation slogan and the name of the destination city, will be carried in the cockpit during each leg together with a USB key. The key virtually carries the names of Solar Impulse supporters across the United States. If you would like your friends or family to be part of this pioneering adventure and cross the country with you, tell them to sign up today and become a friend of the project.

Solar Impulse Team

PS.  You can also follow AndréBertrand or Solar Impulse directly on their Twitter pages


Be sure to keep checking Solar Impulse website for more updates.

~have a bright and sunny day~

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