Pathway To 100% Renewables Is Not A Pipedream (2)


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As I’ve promised in our June 6, 2013 post, let’s continue on with this series of exciting talks from the first #International Conference on Pathway To 100% Renewables that took place on April 16, 2013, in San Francisco. Today’s post will feature Dr. Eric Martinot, Report Author of #REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report & Research Director of Institute For Sustainable Energy Policies of Tokyo, bringing us the summary of his two year research compiling thousands of research articles and interviewing 170 leading experts (including CEO and major investment and finance companies) around the world in the field, asking them “What do you think about the future of #renewable energy?” Here, Dr. Martinot will present both the current and ¬†future landscape of our #global renewable energy, below:

It is exciting to see that investments in renewable energy have become not just the mainstream, but the leader and majority of the power investments (ahead of nuclear and  fossil fuel) globally. Yes, there is hope for human kind! So, be sure to share these data and reports with others and help one another to prepare for future career and business opportunities! Here, at Sun Is The Future, we will always try to provide the updated picture of what true renewable and solar energy landscapes present.


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