Pathway To 100% Renewables Is Not A Pipedream (6)


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Updates on our Solar-FIT For Sunshine State petition: 163 signatures strong. We need more! Please help us to spread more sunshine by signing this petition and sharing it with others. It is our shared responsibility to move toward the renewable energy age and Sunshine is the cleanest, healthiest, and least war-prone way to go!

For the sixth episode of this series, we are fortunate to have  #Mayor of San Francisco, #Edwin M. Lee, from the first international “#Pathways To 100% Renewable Energy” #conference in San Francisco on April 16, 2013. He reminds us the importance of planning in preparing for future cities, be it in USA,  in China, or any part of the planet earth. He reminds us the importance of having goals and getting it/them done in this process of preparation. Below, we have Mayor Edwin M. Lee:

So, find out what are the goals of your city in preparing for the transition into our renewable/solar energy future. Talk to your mayor(s). If there is none, perhaps it is time to roll up your sleeves and take some actions, as I have just emailed my mayor in asking him to view this series of talks and start the conversation.

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