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12 June

Pathway To 100% Renewables Is Not A Pipedream (7)


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Updates on our Solar-FIT For Sunshine State petition: 163 signatures strong. We need more! Please help us to spread more sunshine by signing this petition and sharing it with others. It is our shared responsibility to move toward the renewable energy age and Sunshine is the cleanest, healthiest, and least war-prone way to go!

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Now, it’s time for #Professor Jose Etcheverry of York University of Toronto, one of the architects to #Green Energy and Green Economy Act of Ontario (the most progressive renewable energy act of North America in recent decades). Within the framework of this progressive renewable energy act, Professor Etcheverry talks about the phasing out of coal by 2014 and implementation of FIT (#Feed-In-Tariff) for renewable energy. Furthermore, he points out the problem associated with compromise through nuclear energy:

  1. #Nuclear is too expensive and if allowed to continue, it will stop renewable energy
  2. All nuclear plants built in Canada have failed and demand massive #costly repairs
  3. All nuclear plant repairs have ended costing much more than anticipated.
  4. Always…original budget x more
  5. Who pays…we all do every month

(Let’s see what  Professor Etcheverry has presented in the video below:)

These problems are repeatedly seen in the construction of nuclear power plants: #Pickering Nuclear Power Plant, #Bruce Nuclear Power Plant (largest nuclear power plant in North America), and #Darlington Nuclear Power Plant…not to mention the security concerns, problems for radioactive wastes, and weapons proliferation, etc. These are the reasons why people in #Quebec have said no more and closed their nuclear power plant at the end of last year. This is the first nuclear power plant in North America that was closed by the people. If you have any questions for Professor# Jose Etcheverry, please contact him:

Jose Etcheverry Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies

Tel: 1.416.736.5252


Web Site:


If your community is in need of additional power, perhaps consideration and goal for renewables (such as solar, wind, and water) should take priority.  Please be sure to contact Professor Etcheverry for supporting data.

~may we reach the bright and sunny day~

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