Pathway To 100% Renewables Is Not A Pipedream (8)


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This  final episode of the series on “#Pathway To 100% Renewables Is Not A Pipedream (8)” here at Sun Is The Future concerns $. Yes, behind any project or movement, it is necessary to take a close look at the financial support behind the scene and its feasibility so to better understand viability of its potential future direction. In this particular episode, we have #Marco Krapels, the executive Vice President of Rabobank N.A. and co-founder of Empowered by Light. Rabobank has been a leader in financing consumer-owned renewables for over twenty years. Mr. Marco Krapels brought us interviews of some of the clients of Rabobank to affirm the need and moral imperative for all of us to step up to the plate during this transition into the 100% Renewables. But in addition to the moral and  ethical perspective, investing in renewables makes perfect economic sense! Mr. Krapels bring us the supporting data that has shown the accelerated transition into clean and renewable energy. It is irrefutable that clean and renewable energy will be cheaper. It is also true that for the first time, through renewables such as solar and wind, we are able to have certainty in the energy price twenty or thirty years down the road. When some one is going solar, he/she is essentially hedging against future volatile energy cost. The math is simple:

x=(cost of solar-local incentives- tax deductions)/expected kwh solar system produces per yr over 30 yr lifespan

if x < current payment to utility company——–> GO SOLAR! NO BRAINER!

What we need to do is to make sure that the enlightened, conscientious, clear-thinking and updated politicians are in place. Below is the video clip of Mr. Marco Krapels’ talk:

Since Robabank started financing solar, the default rate on solar is zero! No default on billions of dollars of loans and the returns are high. For these solar loans represent financing for infinite source of fuel, with proven technology, and long term fixed contract…how can one lose?!


After listening to this talk, I am totally energized because it is obvious to me that Solar has reached an unstoppable point that it will eventually become the cheapest source of energy.  But…there is always a “but”…we need to make sure that the clear-thinking, conscientious, and well-informed politicians will be in place in order for consumers to actually receive the cheapest, cleanest, and healthiest form of energy for generations to come.

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