Supporting Evidence for Solar-FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) or Renewable FIT (feed-In-Tariff)


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Updates on our Solar-FIT For Sunshine State petition: 167 signatures strong. We need more! Please help us to spread more sunshine by signing this petition and sharing it with others. It is our shared responsibility to move toward the renewable energy age and Sunshine is the cleanest, healthiest, and least war-prone way to go!

Today, I’ve received an email from Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam, informing me that the Keynote Speaker of 2013 Florida Energy Summit on Oct. 14-15, 2013 will be Michael Levi,  the David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment at the Council on Foreigh Relations (CFR), a nonpartisan foreign policy think tank. He is also the Director of the CFR’s Program on Energy Security and Climate Change and an expert on climate change, energy security, arms control and nuclear terrorism.

At the 2013 Florida Energy Summit, Director Levi will discuss recent policy proposals affecting the United States energy industry, what they mean for Florida and how the state can harness new opportunities in energy production. Below, I’d like to share a video summarizing Director Levi’s research that reinforces the need for implementation of  more flexible and effective policies on a local level.  This is exactly why I am running a petition for Solar-FIT For Sunshine State (and hopefully elsewhere in USA) (above) and promoting the Community Solar Gardens (June 17-23, 26, 2013 posts at our planet. Let’s hear the findings of Director Michael Levi, below:

Let’s try to insure the passing of Solar-FIT For Sunshine State and elect  proponents of renewables (solar-wind-water) for upcoming elections at all levels, all states, all provinces, all countries! We need to transition smoothly into the Renewable Future!

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