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New York City, July 7, 2013 – Solar Impulse – the solar-powered airplane of Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg – has encountered a technical problem on its way to New York John F. Kennedy Airport. The pilot, André Borschberg, is not in danger and the condition of the aircraft is currently stable. The Mission Team and the pilot have decided to shorten the flight.

A tear of 2.5 meters / 8 feet has appeared on the fabric of the lower side of the left wing. After a first analysis from pictures taken from a helicopter, Solar Impulse engineers came to the conclusion that the damage would not worsen. Pictures taken 2 hours later, have confirmed that the situation remains stable. There is no immediate danger to the Pilot or airplane, however the Flight Director is exploring the possibility of an earlier landing, sometime around 11.00 PM EDT (UTC-4).

Below, is an added video clip of Andre Borschberg’s talk on use of parachute:

And we’re glad he didn’t need to use it (but it’s good to know that it is there if there should ever be any need)!

Solar Impulse will be completing its final leg of this historic journey across the country,  on Saturday July 6th! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the adventure!


Flight date: Saturday July 6th

Pilot: André Borschberg

Take off from Washington Dulles Airport: around 05:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)

Arrival expected at New York John F. Kennedy Airport: sometime after 2:00 AM EDT (UTC-4) Sunday July 7th.

A number of activities are being organized during this incredible last leg of this epic crossing, so don’t miss your chance to be part of the adventure!

  • Live streaming of the entire flight from the pre-flight preparations of the pilots to the triumphant landing directly on our website. There are regular interviews of members of the team including the pilots, André from the cockpit and the Bertrand from the ground. Also, highlights of past events, flights and important moments of the mission are retransmitted for the duration of the flight.
  • Data from the airplane: Follow the flight with real data from the airplane with the virtual cockpit and check the route on the map.
  • Google Hangout In Air with Solar Impulse pilots moderated by Jason Paur (from Wired Magazine) and featuring special guests including Erik Lindbergh, the grandson of Charles Lindbergh, Film Producer and Explorer James Cameron, and American jazz pianist ELEW. The Hangout will be live-streamed here during the flight at 3pm EDT (UTC-4).
  • Spot the plane: As Solar Impulse flies over New York City; everyone is encouraged to spot the plane from the ground: you can check the real-time location of the plane on our website and from your mobile devices.
  • Landing: There are a number of locations where to spot the plane at JFK, click here for more information.
  • To commemorate 70th anniversary of the publication of The Little Prince in New York (1943) – a story intimately linked to the history of aviation – the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation has given André and Bertrand a yellow scarf and special Antoine de Saint-Exupéry badge to wear during the flight. The original copy of the book is located at the Morgan Library and Museum on Madison Ave.
  • Public Day: The Solar Impulse team will be opening its doors to the public at JFK International Airport on Saturday July 13th from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM and on Sunday July 14thfrom 11 AM to 7:30 PM. Click here to register for the Saturday visit and here for the Sunday visit.

We look forward to living this adventure with you!

Please be aware that the flight schedule could change before the takeoff if the Flight Director orders to fly another day or change the itinerary. You can regularly check the Solar Impulse website for the latest news concerning the flight or other updates.
Solar Impulse Team

PS.  You can also follow AndréBertrand or Solar Impulse directly on their Twitter pages


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