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Wind farm near Montfort, Wisconsin


Enron Wind (later bought by GE) installed twenty 1.5-megawatt wind turbines spanning apporximately 3.5 miles of farmland between the villages of Cobb and Montfort, coming online in June of 2001. They produce 30MW of power, enough energy to power approximately 9,000 average Wisconsin homes. The height of each turbine to the center of the hub is 213 ft and each blade is 110 ft long. The foundation for each turbine consists of a 14-foot diameter concrete cylinder that is set from 18 to 28 feet in the ground. Each foundation weighs 167 tons. FPLE took over the site from GE in July, 2006. Power is sold to Alliant Energy – Wisconsin Power and Light, and We Energies, a subsidiary of Wisconsin Energy Corp.


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