Are Utility Companies Aware of the Off-The-Grid Trend? Time To Wake Up & Adopt FIT(Feed-In-Tariff)(2)


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The reason I am strongly encouraging all utility companies (esp. in Florida and USA) to assist with establishing Renewable-FIT For Sunshine State and many other states is: the avalanche of off-the-grid trend is coming if there is not sufficient incentive for consumers to remain connected to the grid. ┬áIt is the better informed and the best customers of the utility companies who can afford to go off-the-grid soonest. The example below, VS 5 Hybrid from Bosch, is the intelligent storage solution available from 4.4-13.2 kWh, easily expandable due to its modular concept. It is a sophisticated comprehensive self-diagnosing system that insures any deviation to be quickly detected and eliminated. Its certification is checked by external and independent testing institute. It utilizes highly efficient lithium-ion battery, with a life cycle of 20 years. One of its most attractive features is its built-in energy management system that comes with the option of user management via app. This VS 5 Hybrid system has an integrated web server, enabling the entire system to be monitored and controlled via the internet or the VoltApp smartphone, showing clear graph of the PV’s current output, the charge status of the lithium-ion battery, the energy flow from the generated electricity to household and the grid (if FIT is in place). Its design is brilliantly simple, easy to assemble requiring only 2 hours, and received award for its ease-of-use concept. Let’s take a look at this system, Bosch’s VS 5 Hybrid, below:

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