Hurray! Finally, the Re-installation of Solar Panels on the White House Roof!


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FINALLY…. the Obama administration  started the reinstallation of solar panels on  White House roof this week,

White House south facade

after initially pledging to do so almost three years ago, in October of 2010. On Thursday, August 15, 2013, we have words from the White House official, “The White House has begun installing American-made solar panels on the First Family’s residence as part of an energy retrofit that will improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.” The retrofit will also include updating building controls and variable-speed fans. “The project will help demonstrate that historic building can incorporate solar energy and energy efficiency upgrades,” according to the official’s email.

Over the years, there had been various solar advocates clamoring for installations of solar panels on the roof of the White House;to name a few, Rhone Resch of SEIA (seen below in the video of 2010) and Bill McKibben of (report below):

In 1979 President Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter, the first U.S. President who installed solar panels on the White House roof in 1979


installed solar panels on the roof, but was later taken down by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. “No one should have ever taken down the panels Jimmy Carter put on the roof,” founder Bill McKibben said in an emailed press statement. “But it’s very good to know that once again the country’s most powerful address will be drawing some of that power from the sun.”

Bill McKibben, the Climate Change activist who has urged the White House to reinstall solar panels on its roof over the years

In 2010, McKibben brought attention to the issue when he discovered one of the panels of White House roof of 1979 being used to heat water for  Maine’s Unity College  cafeteria. In September of 2010, McKibben and Unity College students returned the panel to the White House, asking for it to be reinstalled. Although the request was denied at the time, the White House announced the solar panel bid one month later. Even though this installation took quite a while to come to fruition, McKibben seemed optimistic with administration’s renewed interest. “Better late than never,” the activist commented in a recent statement.

As global warming becomes widely recognized as a serious issue, solar advocates every where are hopeful that politicians and policy makers will look to solar and renewable energy as the alternative energy source that will enable the slowing of the global warming. We remain optimistic and keep working steadfastly toward our goal of transitioning into the renewable and solar energy age of the future! Hopefully, more of you will be visiting-signing-sharing the Renewable-Fit For Sunshine State petition above. For we believe that all of us would like our future generations to inherit a clean, healthy, and war-free planet earth from us.

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