B-7 of Blue Sky Solar Racing Team (of Univ of Toronto) Is Ready For World Solar Challenge 2013


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Now, for a look of B-7 of Canadian University of Toronto’s Blue Sky Solar Racing Team

B-7 of the Canadian Blue Sky Solar Racing Team of University of Toronto preparing for World Solar Challenge 2013 (credit: World Solar Challenge) between Darwin and Adelaide of Australia between Oct. 6-13, 2013

in the Challenger Class, let’s visit: https://www.facebook.com/blueskysolar . On Aug. 21, 2013, the team packed the B-7 and all necessary tools and parts into the shipping crate before starting on their 3-week journey to Darwin, Australia, for the World Solar Challenge 2013.

This is the fourth time for Blue  Sky Solar Racing team to participate in the World Solar Challenge (WSC). They continue to appear in WSC not just for the ultimate challenge provided by WSC but also for the invaluable opportunity to interact with teams from across the globe, to be motivated to build a better solar car for future challenges. Blue Sky members are composed of over 30 full time students with diverse academic backgrounds;they came together to design, build, and test their new solar car, B-7, for the past 18 months. Now, I’d like to share the most recent video posted at Blue Sky Solar Racing Team Youtube Channel, showing one (Break Stoppage Test) of the many tests that the team has been running prior to its departure  for the World Solar Challenge 2013 in Australia, below:

The goals for Blue Sky Solar Racing Team are stated below:

  1. Try their best to race as fast as possible in the upcoming race (WSC2013).
  2. Engage and learn from different teams as part of a global innovation community.
  3. Demonstrate and showcase Canadian, and U of T innovative spirit.
  4. Ultimately, to carry with them the experience and continue pushing boundaries and build faster, more efficient cars in the next two years!
  5. Be one step closer to their vision of the future of sustainable transportation.

Here are B-7’s Design Highlights:

  • weight:                            170 kg (without driver)
  • cruising speed:                75 km/hr
  • aerodynamic drag:           0.01 (Cd, plan)
  • chassis:                            carbon fiber monocoque
  • solar array:                      SunPower C60
  • maximum array power:   1.3 kW
  • max peak power tracker: custom made
  • battery:                             Li-ion, 21 kg
  • battery capacity:               5 kWhr
  • telemetrey:                        fully in-house
  • electric motor:                   DC brushless

For Blue Sky Solar Racing Team Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueSkySolarRacing

To inquire about the team’s Adopt a Cell Fundraising Campaign or making a donation to this wonderfully spirited team: http://www.blueskysolar.utoronto.ca/donate/instructions-to-donate/

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