WorldWide Adoption of Syrian Families/Civilians As The Solution


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Please excuse the digression of this post, for it is the first time I am deviating from topics directly related to solar energy at Sun Is The Future of .  As you all know, Sun Is The Future has always been in favor of coming up with alternative solutions that will take us away from wars and violence and heading toward a renewable and brighter future.

But I’ve been having so much trouble sleeping at nights ever since I heard President Obama’s address last Saturday regarding the moral responsibility to justify punishing the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons against civilians. While President Obama awaits for the Congressional voting that will take place on September 9, 2013, to determine go-or-no-go on American air strikes, my brain simply cannot stop turning. The future pain and suffering of more Syrians and civilians of many other countries are so palpable that it is almost as though I could hear their cries and moans in the dead of  nights.   I believe that Pope Francis is right in his remark about “Violence begets violence and war begets war.” There has got to be a better way!

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What do you all think of the idea of WorldWide Adoption of Syrian families/civilians as a way to avoid the need to bomb or declare war on Syrian government by any other governments? This will definitely ensure the safety of these people, away from the Syrian government or the Rebels… Many Syrians have already left Syria. But those without the means nor economic support will be the ones who will suffer. So let’s try a peaceful solution! Let’s try having an international adoption of those who are still in Syria and want to leave (but without the means). In so doing, this will save lives. It will cost less and prevent more wars among nations. And this will be a form of penalty on Syrian government for they will end up with less people to govern or to tax. This will also ensure that no one government is acting as the police, but all nations from the planet earth will participate in this humanitarian effort. If all the nations on planet earth will participate, there would not be as much pressure on any one particular nation. Please consider this as a possible solution and spread the word/idea. Thank you.

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