Life Sustaining Organization, A Design Guide, by Michael Sales, Ed.D. and Anika Ellison Savage


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I am very fortunate to have started Sun Is The Future, for it has given me the wonderful opportunity to meet a great variety of people possessing talents, experience, and passionate energy that is seen in the interview with Michael Sales, one of the authors we have met in the World Future Society Conference 2013 that took place in Chicago, IL at the Hilton Chicago Hotel during July 19-21,  2013. Mr. Sales co-authored the book, “Life Sustaining Organizations, A Design Guide“, with Anika Ellisons Savage. In this book,  some of the important components for any organization to become a life sustaining organization are:

  1. intense competition to attract creative  talents
  2. how to build the organization wholistically so to be able to act as a beacon and magnet for these creative talents
  3. successful organizations’ attention to aesthetics in all details
  4. results oriented organizations that are regenerative (focus on economic solvency and being competitive in the market place).

The structural dynamics laid out in this book includes the methodology that would help any managers/owners and potential managers of any organizations to prepare for a variety of possible futures. If you are like me, one who believes in preparing for the worst and hopes for the best, this book will be a fantastic guide for any life sustaining organizations to be ready regardless how the future will unfold.

As we journey through the transition into our Renewable/Solar Energy future, we have met many current and future  managers/owners who want to establish  life sustaining organizations.  So, those of you who are interested in getting this book, please go to or and look for the book, Life Sustaining Organizations, A Design Guide, by Michael Sales and Anika Ellison Savage.

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