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Terrific! Obama Administration and Russia have combined effort in coming up with a potentially peaceful solution with respect to Syria–instead of military air strikes, they’re going to have  all of the chemical arsenals of Syria to be handed over to international control. President Obama is scheduled to address the nation on Tuesday night, Sep. 10, 2013…more details then….another day of peace is another day in the sun….we earthlings are evolving for the better! This is a wonderfully optimistic and hopeful outlook for the future of human kind.


On this hopeful and optimistic note, I’d like to share another presentation of hope and optimism for the future.  This is a talk that took place at the World Future Society 2013 conference at Chicago, IL, in July of 2013, given by John Smart, a futurist and scholar of accelerating change. Mr. Smart is founder and president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, an organization that does “outreach, education, research, and advocacy with respect to issues of accelerating change.” He is also running FERN (Foresight Education & Research Network) and Global Foresight (A Community Working to Advance Global Foresight Culture).

Smart is the principal advocate of the concept of “STEM compression,” (formerly “MEST compression“) the idea that the most (ostensibly) complex of the universe’s extant systems at any time (galaxies, stars, habitable planets, living systems, and now technological systems) use progressively less space, time, energy and matter (“STEM”) to create the next level of complexity in their evolutionary development ( A similar perspective is found in Buckminster Fuller’s writings on ephemeralization.

I invite you all to this energized presentation on 10 areas of technology that John Smart summarized as the Possible-Probable-Preferrable areas of technology waiting for our exploration in the future. For his presentation slides, please click on: . In the video presentation below, we also get to see recommendations on multiple books  (such as: The Art of The Long View by Peter Schwartz, Factor Five by Ernst von Weizsacker, A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing by multiple contributors, Predictive Analyticsby Eric Siegel, etc., available at resulting from in-depth research and insight. Enjoy!

We have already seen much change or development in solar energy. I believe in the years to come, our world will also realize even more of its accelerated exponential change with regard to solar energy.

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