The First Chinese Solar Car at WSC, Sun Shuttle, From Beijing Institute of Technology


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I have to admit that I am very curious about the Chinese entry this year, for this is the first time EVER that there is an entrant from China participating in World Solar Challenge, in the Challenger Class. We earthlings every where have been quite aware of the attention, effort, and progress made in solar technology/industry by China in recent years. So, it is with great anticipation and curiosity that we await for the information on features of Sun Shuttle of  Beijing Institute of Technology from China. It will bring new ideas about new energy vehicle design through exploration and application of solar power generation technology while creating a clean living environment. China has great incentive in solving  problem both in area associated with pollution and solar PV markets, let’s keep our eyes on this emerging solar car, the upcoming Sun Shuttle !

Sun Shuttle, the First Chinese Entrant At World Solar Challenge, in 2013, From Beijing Institute of Technology

Let’s see…..


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