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One of the largest solar power plants under construction in the U.S. is the 632 megawatts (MWdc) Topaz Solar Farm in California.

(Let’s take a look at the Topaz Solar Farm in California, in the video below)

location of Topaz Solar Farm in San Luis Obispo County, CA

The plant will create 400 construction jobs, power 160,000 homes and generate an estimated $417 million in positive economic impacts. Right now, there are 4,100 MWdc of these utility-scale, clean energy solar projects under construction, putting thousands of electricians, steelworkers and laborers to work.

But unless Congress acts, new investments in clean energy could be in jeopardy.

Tell your representative to support H.R. 2502, a bill that would provide investors more certainty by allowing developers to qualify for the current solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) when they start construction.

Deploying solar projects that can provide power on the utility and distributed generation scale requires a stable investment environment. The ITC has been a major contributor to the rapid growth of the solar industry. In spite of the national economic downturn, solar installations have grown by 3000% since the ITC took effect in 2006, a compound annual growth rate of 77%.

The U.S. now has 9,400 megawatts of installed solar electric capacity, enough to power more than 1.5 million American homes. Employment in the American solar industry has grown from an estimated 15,000 employees in 2005 to nearly 120,000 today, working in over 5,600 companies in all 50 states, the vast majority in small businesses.

This critical policy is set to expire at the end of 2016, but because the timelines for solar projects vary and can be uncertain, many developers are worried that their projects will not be online by the time the credit expires. The commence construction change would help drive an additional 4,000 MW of of solar capacity in 2017 and 2018 and would create tens of thousands of additional new domestic jobs.

Many representatives are supporting this bill, click here to find out if yours support the bill or if they need additional convincing.

Thank you for all that you do,

Christopher Mansour
Vice President, Government Affairs
Solar Energy Industries Association

PS – Learn more about the benefits of the solar Investment Tax Credit on our website.


For clarification, below is the Summary of H.R.2502-113th Congress (2013-2014), in case you need to know:

Introduced in House (06/25/2013)

Renewable Energy Parity Act of 2013 – Amends the Internal Revenue Code to extend the energy tax credit to solar energy, fuel cell, microturbine, combined health and power system, small wind energy, and thermal energy properties for which construction does not begin before January 1, 2017.


This is the information on Topaz Solar Farm provided by wikipedia: Topaz Solar Farm is a 550 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic power plant, being built in San Luis Obispo County, California. Construction on the project began in November 2011 and is expected to run through 2015. It is among the world’s biggest solar farms under construction. The $2 billion project will include First Solar’s thin-film panels, and the company will build, operate and maintain the project for MidAmerican Energy HoldingsPacific Gas and Electric will buy the electricity under a 25-year power purchase agreement. According to First Solar, it will create about 400 construction jobs. Annual generation is expected to be 1,096 GWh


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