Chat About The Massive Solar Progress With Dr. Bill Parker During World Solar Challenge 2013


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On the sixth day of the World Solar Challenge 2013, solar car race, I met up with Dr. Bill Parker, a veteran of solar energy industry and academics for over two decades and the editor of “Solar Progress” magazine. Dr. Parker’s career spans both the academic and business worlds. He was trained in bacteriology and is currently a director of a biotechnology company in Perth, Australia. His interest in solar energy began in the late 1980s with establishment of a solar energy information center in Perth, and became the director and manager of the center. He was also involved with the Australian Solar Council (aka ANZSES) at one time and was/is an editor of the magazine “Solar Progress”. He lives in a passive solar house that he built and looks forward to the future when all homes are entirely energy self sufficient.

During the interview, Dr. Parker touches upon the exponential growth of solar industry in recent decades, the importance of incentive policy in influencing the spread of use of solar energy, how critical the distributed solar power is for regions such as the Outback, how necessary it is to have enlightened power companies in establishing and educating the general public on the use of solar energy, incorporation of feed-in-tariff and community solar gardens, and last but not the least: the active participation from the people in requesting and working with the government for the smooth transition into solar energy age. Below, is this interview with Dr. Bill Parker:


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