Interview With Chris Selwood, Event Organizer of Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013


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I was very fortunate to have caught up with Chris Selwood, the event organizer of World Solar Challenge 2013, at Hindmarsh Square in Adelaide, Australia, to chat about this once-every-two-year event. This year, about 40 teams from 23 countries participated in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013 to cross 3000 km between Darwin and Adelaide, Australia.

Mr. Selwood shed some light on the history of World Solar Challenge, its purpose, its growth, its future, and the opportunities it provides for companies such as Google and others for recruitment.  This event is well supported by enthusiastic energy and fantastic talents for our transition into the future of renewable/solar energy world. We look forward to a bright future for World Solar Challenge and Solar Energy. We hope many companies will help to support and tap into the wealth of human resources at this event. Please view this interview with Mr. Chris Selwood, below:

Take a look at the list of sponsors for World Solar Challenge 2013 and consider becoming part of the list for future events (by contacting: we can insure the continuation of this optimistically energized event that helps to drive our vehicles toward the Solar Energy Future.

Here is another interview with Mr. Chris Selwood back in 2011.

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