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If you like this photo image of Central Florida Sunset by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker, click on the red link for Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva (below)to find out how we can keep our planet Earth as beautifully sustainable as possible.

Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva has just helped Gladys Raquel (Nicaragua) with her purchase of solar panels. Her community is not connected to the conventional electricity network, so this will be able to help to increase her standard of living significantly. If you’d like to help people like Gladys, please join the Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva (goal: speed up earthly transition toward Solar/Renewable Energy by helping entrepreneurs throughout planet earth to develop small businesses in renewable energy, solar energy, energy efficiency, recycling, all via microfinance). Our first solar loan took  1034 lenders from different parts of the world to help a distributor in Tanzania to start a micro Solar Lighting Kits business.  Money was raised within less than 10 days. In recent years, we have also helped entrepreneurs at a new site, focused in helping small businesses in USA and Kenya with solar energy and recycling. Join us in reducing the carbon footprint, ridding poverty, and spreading sunshine, by becoming either/both a lender or/and borrower/entrepreneur at Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva.

To understand what Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva, Kiva, or microfinance is about, please view this video below:

For much much more photos of Solar Event coverage at Sun Is The Future, click on Sunisthefuture Photo Gallery& Sunisthefuture at Pinterest. For more videos, click on: sunisthefuture Youtube Channel. For more small businesses and projects assisted by Sun Is The Future, click on Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva. For more unique gift ideas with inspiring designs, click on Sunisthefuture Online Store (aka Sunshine Online Store). To help spread more sunshine across our planet earth, click on: Start A Community Solar Garden & Renewable-FIT For Sunshine State Petition.
Please also get into the habit of checking at these sites below for more on World Solar Challenge 2013 and solar energy topics:

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