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I’ve received so much comments/questions about the Solar City post of Dec. 9, 2013, that I’ve decided to have a series of 3 posts on Solar City (today’s post will be the second of this series).  To help answer some of your questions, I found another video that further clarifies what Solar City is offering, below:

As Lindon Rive, Founder & CEO of Solar City, has asked, “If you had the choice  between paying more for dirty power, or paying less for clean power, what would you do?” Of course, the answer should be quite obvious to all of us.

For people who are hesitant in installing solar due to the upfront cost,  Solar City has come up with a disruptive solution: installing solar equipment for free and just sell the electricity (such that solar generated electricity costs less than the electricity generated from the utility). So, Solar City has to deal with the challenge of building a massive delivery mechanism for installing and deploying solar at a scale that has never been seen before in this country. Through this mechanism, solar energy consumers acquire that sense of independence and autonomy that was not available in the past.  This exciting transformation will ultimately lead to rooftop solar being seen everywhere. Solar City is showing us a path toward having economically viable sustainable energy. Yes, solar is finally ready to become a mainstream power source! Yes, Solar City will install for their customers’ solar systems for free. Solar City’s customers pay for solar power by the month, as they’d have with their utility bill. The only difference is that their solar bill would be lower than their previous utility bill. Solar City makes it very easy and simple for the customers, taking care of everything from designing and permitting, to installing, monitoring and maintaining the system.  I believe so strongly in Solar City’s business model that I’ve decided to purchase stocks in the company after I complete this post.

However, for those of us who have no intention of moving within 20+ years and who are willing to put in the upfront cost, it is still better to put in the initial cost ourselves because once the solar panels had completely paid for itself (within less than 10 years), the solar electricity received will be completely free. Just in case you don’t already know, some of those solar panels may last as long as 50+ years (even though the warranty may only be for 20 years)!

Going Solar makes both environmental sense and economic sense. It’s a No Brainer! As long as you’ve got a rooftop, it’s time to Go Solar!

Some of you Floridians pointed out the fact that Solar City did not seem to be available in FL (based on our Dec. 9, 2013 post). The reason that Florida is not on the top of the Solar City priority list is because there are not as much incentives in the state of Florida for renewable energy.  So, if you would like to see that changed, please feel free to go to the top of this post to participate in our petition drive for Renewable-FIT For Sunshine State! Let’s speed up the transition toward solar and renewable energy in Sunshine State or any state!


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