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11 December

Elon Musk, The Game Changer & Risk Taker Who Sped Up Transition Toward Renewables


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It is improbable to write and research about energy of the 21st century without cooming across Elon Musk….Elon is definitely a game changer for this century, a true risk taker who is so passionate about what he believes in that he risked majority of his assets on one of his projects.  Without further ado, here is our enigmatic Elon Musk (Born in South Africa from a Canadian mother), the innovator/founder or chair for: Pay Pal, Tesla, SpaceX, and Solar City. I cannot find another human being on the planet earth who has done as much in speeding up the transition toward the renewables and away from the fossil fuel as Elon Musk. This is one of the best profile of Elon Musk I’ve come across, below:


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