Carrie Vanston Talks About Minitrends at World Future Society 2013


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I’ve delayed posting this piece because I wanted to wait until after finishing reading the book that I am about to post, Minitrends. I met its co-author, Carrie Vanston, at the World Future Society 2013 Conference in Chicago, IL during the month of July.  Below: Ms. Vanston, with a pleasant and personable demeanor, sat down to chat about her book Minitrends and the Annual MiniTrends Conferences that may be of interest to many of our viewers/readers who are innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs of emerging technologies:

I’m glad Minitrends is in the top quarter of my reading pile (with a list of over 60 books). It turned out to be quite a gem, well deserving of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Best Business Book Award and several other book awards.  With 30 years of experience as a technology forecasting expert, Dr. Vanston teaches us how to scope out a systematic and doable discovery path through diverse sources containing clues about changes just  beginning to happen. In the book, minitrends are described as the innumerable ripples within the sea swells of established ideas, with some of these ripples destined to be the genesis of waves, or even tsunamis (such as modern computing).  The challenge lies in  finding the ripples (with tangible destiny) within the large body of established ideas and shape them into products or services. The book is divided into five parts:

Cover of the book, Minitrends, by John H. Vanston Ph.D. with Carrie Vanston



  1. The Value of Minitrends
  2. Uncovering Minitrends
  3. Some Attractive Minitrends
  4. Prospering From Minitrends
  5. Becoming a Minitrends Master

Ms. Vanston represents the company Technology Futures Inc. which provides quality custom studies and technology forecasts on key trends to a wide variety of commercial, government, and academic organizations. Through Technology Futures Inc., authors John H. Vanston Ph.D. and Carrie Vanston compiled valuable list of best practices in the book “Minitrends” to guide entrepreneurs and innovators to profit from their respective passions while making a significant impact in our world. Minitrends represent current small emerging trends (technical, social, economic, regulatory, demographic, etc.) that will become important within two to five years, not yet recognized but can be projected/forecasted, with value driven purpose. This book is a great source for ideas for new ventures and is currently available in printed and/or e-book format at To create opportunities for innovators to meet, Technology Future Inc. also hosted MiniTrends 2013 Conference (2nd Annual Conference) in Austin, TX, focused on the topic of The Integration of Profit & Social Responsibility. Upcoming Minitrends 2014 Conference will take place in Austin, TX during Fall of 2014. This conference  will be attended by visionaries and thought-leaders looking for opportunities not yet widely recognized. To find out more details about Minitrends 2014 Conference, please feel free to contact: (512) 258-8898, or Toll Free (800)TEK-FUTR or email

If you are some one who is in search of innovative ideas, be it for individuals, small-, medium-, large- size companies, and want to become a master at developing  and/or prospering from such trends, the book “Minitrends” by John H. Vanston with Carrie Vanston may be purchased via If you are looking for events to interact with other innovators and thought-leaders interested in future of technologies, please feel free to go to: to find out when and where the 3rd Annual MiniTrends Conference will be held.


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