Don’t You Just Love This?!


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Just came across this map/image, “What You Could Save Every Month” by going Solar, by One Block Off The Grid, a company located in San Francisco, CA, whose ultimate goal is to help you to save most money on electricity each month and each year.

Don’t You Just Love This?!


“What You Could Save Every Month”  by going Solar(credit: One Block Off The Grid,


My friends and neighbors in Florida may be quite pleasantly surprised to find out how much (according to 1bog’s calculations, $139 per month) they may be able to save each month by going Solar! 🙂

Those residing in Hawaii may save as much as $270 per month, on average. The lowest savings would be for state of Kansas, averaging $35 per month.  Even residents in Alaska would be able to save about $65 per month by going solar!

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