Darwin’s Blackout


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As cities expand, population density increases, but without sufficient redundancy built-in the grid system, incidents such as this, below, will likely to appear.

On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, a tripped circuit breaker at Hudson Creek substation activated a protection system at the Channel Island power station, shutting down its transmission capacity, affecting more than 130,000 people. This power failure brought the city of Darwin, Australia, almost to a complete standstill. This blackout stretched all the way to Katherine (about 320 km south-east), Palmerston, and Pine Creek.

During this period of shut down (it took about 14 hours before 80% of the Darwin residents had their power restored),  the public service and most businesses shut down, the city bus service suspended, traffic light across the city were out (with police manning intersections), air conditioning was not available, etc.

“While it wasn’t an emergency situation, it was a crisis,” Chief Minister Adam Giles told reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

“We’ve never, ever experienced anything like this,” said Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie.

To quote from a petition to the Prime Minister Singh of India in 2012 when India was experiencing blackout:

It’s time to invest in energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy/solar energy for all.

It is time to deploy lots of distributed solar and efficiency because solar is available when most needed, during peak hours. And efficiency makes the peak smaller so less power is needed in the first place.

~may we all have a bright and sunny day~

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