Allow Me To Present Solar Impulse 2 (HB-SIB)


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As I’ve promised in our previous post (April 7, 2014 post), today is the day for the unveiling of Solar Impulse 2. Allow me to present to you, The Solar Impulse Team with Solar Impulse 2, below:

The Magnificent Solar Impulse 2 and The Team That Made It Possible (credit: Solar Impulse)

So much needs to be done in order to insure a safe and clean world for our future generations! The new challenges we’re facing in Triple E’s: Energy-Environment-Ecology. Our world truly needs new solutions to reduce the negative impacts of human beings on the delicate balance of nature. As Bertrand Piccard pronounced in the video below, “we need political courage and the pioneering spirit” in order to reach our goal and dream of a clean and sustainable world in the future!

To Bertrand Piccard, Andre Borschberg, rest of the Solar Impulse Team and ABB, or ABB Group,we earthlings and solar enthusiasts from around the world owe a debt of gratitude for such a magnificent accomplishment !

Merci pour votre courage et l’esprit pionnier! Nous terriens et les amateurs solaires du monde entier vous devons une dette de gratitude pour un tel accomplissement magnifique!

For the official trailers of the presentation of Solar Impulse 2, please view below:

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