More Opportunities Through Direct Public Offerings of Cutting Edge Capital


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Thanks to Joy Hughes, Founder of Solar Garden Institute, I’ve just received more good news about crowd financing, below:



Joy Hughes
(719) 207-3097

Looking for Projects in Need of Crowd Financing

Do you have a renewable energy project proposal in need of financing? This could either be a community solar garden using virtual net metering or any other community-based project. We are interested in identifying projects that might be funded using a model called a Direct Public Offering (DPO). For more information and a video about DPO’s, see the Cutting Edge Capital website 

Let us know a bit about your project – the location, size, and stage of development.  We need to gather this information before Monday, April 28.  This will help us gauge interest in such a program offering.  Send us a note at and include any questions you may have.


Joy Hughes
Founder, Solar Gardens Institute



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