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Solar & Wind Projects at Massachusetts Landfills (credit: MassDEP)

Just came across a wonderful article at The Enterprise, by Jennifer Bray, about the town of Easton, MA, harnessing solar power from the landfill¬† at 114 Prospect St., to pay bills. The ribbon-cutting to celebrate the 1.9 megawatt solar installation was scheduled on April 30, 2014. The town of Easton is estimating a reduction of $200,000 for the town’s electric bill as a result of this solar installation. The Borrego Solar Systems covered the cost of the project and installation of the solar panels and leased eight acres of land from the town of Easton. The town of Easton then buys the power generated at a discount. Adding the revenue, energy credits, and annual $33,000 lease, the town is expecting a total of approximately $225,000 of savings per year. Easton and Borrego Solar Systems have a 20-year contract that will save Easton nearly $4.5 million in that time frame. This solar installation will¬† produce amount of electricity to support 235 homes per year. This is a fantastic example of how the otherwise non-buildable surface area may be put into good use, saving the town almost quarter of a million dollars annually while helping to reduce carbon footprint. I wonder how many other landfills, at MA and other states and other countries are taking advantage of their landfills. The result of my wondering led to the map shared above, Solar and Wind Projects at Massachusetts Landfills. More detailed information about each city or town of MA where the project is located, applicants, each landfill’s physical address, description of the renewable energy installation and current status of the project, and the date of MassDEP’s decision and relevant approval document(s) are available at this table. May all states in USA and other countries on planet earth soon realize the full potential of their landfills!

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