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In response to what I’ve discovered and posted in “Hurray For Solar Landfills!” and The “Magic of EGSC (Exposed Geomembrane of Solar Cover) Technology of Solar Landfills“, I would like to share the information obtained from FL DEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection):

I am hoping to encourage residents of Florida to take advantage of the closed landfill surface area to protect our environment while generating solar power and reducing carbon footprint. Below is the link to all the closed landfills in state of Florida:


Combining what we’ve learned previously from Paul Spencer of Clean Energy Collective in our post “Chatting With Paul Spencer, President and Founder of Clean Energy Collective, On Community Solar Garden” and video below,

I hope many of you out there will be interested in taking the initiative to embark on the journey of establishing Community Solar Gardens/Farms (including/utilizing surface area of landfills) to reduce the cost of your future power bills. Potentially, millions and millions of dollars may be saved. If you need better understanding of what and how Community Solar Garden/Farm works, please feel free to visit various links at A. Start A Community Solar Garden/Farm available at Sun Is The Future.

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