Solar Energy Will Save Us In The Future


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Solar Energy Reduces Carbon Emissions (credit: SEIA, with Ethelbert Reinhard Carpio)

Sharing the 148-page National Climate Assessment (NCA) report that was released by a non-partisan committee of experts yesterday (May 7, 2014), warning us about the danger of climate change. The report concluded, “Although some additional climate change and related impacts are now unavoidable, the amount of future climate change and its consequences will still largely be determined by our choices, now and in the near future.”  Seriously, we’ve all got to combine our efforts in combating pollution. This realization led me to begin Sun Is The Future in 2011, contributing my part to the picture of Solutions. I simply cannot think of any better form of energy than Solar Energy to resolve our earthly challenge of Pollution-Energy-National Security.  U.S. solar industry has done its share in combating climate change and will continue to do so in the future.

According to SEIA:

Today, we’re generating enough clean, reliable electricity to power nearly 2.5 million homes.  When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, the 13 GW of solar currently installed in the United States generates enough pollution-free electricity to displace 14.2 billion pounds of coal or 1.5 billion gallons of gasoline.  Put another way, it’s the equivalent of taking 2.7 million passenger cars off U.S. highways.  That’s a huge plus for our increasingly-fragile environment.

Yes, Sun/Solar Is The Future and the sooner there are more of us coming to this realization the better chance we all have in combating our energy and pollution problem throughout our planet earth.

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