TRON-The Solar Roadway in Our Future


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Remember my frequent comment about much of our earth’s surface area have not been fully utilized to generate solar power?

Have you ever wondered if our roads, highway, playground, and parking lots were solar, fueling enough energy from the sun to power nearby communities as well as electrical vehicles? Well, Scott and Julie Brusaw of Idaho have and they actually put in the time and sweat to come up with the prototype that entails smart, microprocessing, interlocking hexagonal solar panel units covered with new temperate glass material to meet all load, impact, and traction requirements. These solar panels will generate clean solar energy that will enable the road to pay for itself in time. Every panel has series of  LED lights on its circuit board programmed for its specific purpose and design. Furthermore, roadways composed of such solar panels will be able to maintain few degrees above freezing, preventing problems (such as:poor driving conditions, snow pileups, traffic delays) generally associated with winter driving in Northern states. This is going to completely revolutionize our roadway system! For The Better!  Of course, it will translate into so many jobs!!! Let’s take a look what the prototype looks like and what the future has in store for us….a future resembling some of our current video games such as Tron! I am so excited that I can’t wait to see our future roadway system! I hope you are just as excited about our future solar roadway system as I am.

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