Dr. Henry Snaith Believes That We May Have Entirely Clean Energy In Five Years


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Before our interview with Dr. Christopher Case, I confess I’ve only come across one article mentioning perovskite. I had no idea that it is a calcium titanium oxide mineral species

A Perovskite mineral (Calcium titanate) from Kusa, Russia. Taken at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (credit: wikipedia)

Perovskite, a calcium titanium oxide mineral species composed of calcium titanate. The mineral was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia by Gustav Rose in 1839 (credit: wikipedia)

originally discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1839, nor did I know that this perovskite structure has oxygen in its face centers.

Perovskite structure with a chemical formula ABX(3). The red spheres are X atoms (usually oxygens). The blue spheres are B-atoms (smaller metal cation such as Ti). The green spheres are the A-atoms (larger metal cation such as Ca).

But during my research for the interview, it’s become apparent that this solid state hybrid solar cells based on organometal trihalide perovskite absorbers will likely advance solar technology to the very highest efficiencies while retaining the very lowest cost.  In the next few years, the perovskite-based technology may emerge as a contender for the ultimately low-cost solar power. This may explain why the response from Dr. Henry Snaith, (researcher and developer of perovskite solar technology), to the question “Could we have entirely clean energy in five years?” is a resounding:”I absolutely believe we could.”

Let’s take a look at the reason why Dr. Snaith has such a strong belief in the future of solar/clean energy technology, video below:

In the next few years, we anticipate that Dr. Henry Snaith and his team of scientists will continue to tackle challenges in trap densities, doping densities, mobility, mechanisms for free carrier generations, etc., to further improve device performance. Many are expecting to see efficiency level of above 20% and use of perovskite as top cells in multijunction devices based on currently commercially available technology. It will be exciting to see the full potential of this emerging solar technology unveiling before our eyes. I hope you are also as hopeful and optimistic as Dr. Henry Snaith.


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