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Quick sharing of a video of deadly explosion in Kaohsiung (a southern city of Taiwan), Taiwan, few days ago, triggered by a leaky underground gas pipe owned by a local chemical producer LCY Chemical Corp, below:

Around midnight Thursday, a series of explosions shook Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second largest city by population and a major petrochemical hub. The blasts—which were followed by fires reaching as high as 10 stories according to some witnesses—destroyed homes, ripped off manhole covers and tore open several roads. Television footage showed cars and a firetruck collapsing into craters blown open by the explosions.

The latest tally shows the blasts killed at least 27 people, injured 286 and left two missing, making it Taiwan’s deadliest gas leak explosion. Four firefighters were among those who died. Many streets were still littered with rubble on Saturday and thousands of homes remained without water and electricity.

“Our inspection indicates that LCY’s pipeline showed irregularities around 8 p.m. (local time). The amount of flow in the pipe dropped from 22 tons per hour to 19 tons, and was even down to 1 ton at one point,” said Chen Chin-te, the head of the Kaohsiung Environmental Protection Bureau. He said the sudden drop in the flow of gas meant that either the pipe was broken or that there was a leakage.

Mr. Chen said the company failed to notify the proper authority when it detected the irregularities.  (report from the Kaohsiung city government)

~With Great Sadness~

~This is one of the many reasons why we promote Solar Energy at Sun Is The Future…to avoid incidents such as this~

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