“Solar Tsunami” Shared by the Effervescent Professor Jose Cordeiro of Singularity University during World Future Society 2014


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On July 12, 2014, during the World Future Society 2014 at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, FL, I caught up with the hopeful  Professor Jose Cordeiro (trained at MIT) of Singularity University, to share some of his optimism about the future of Solar and Renewable Energy. He even used the term, “Solar Tsunami” to demonstrate that our energy future will soon be  that of Solar Energy every where. There is no stopping it for Solar Energy is Clean, Healthy, Every Where, and Cheap. We’re facing an exciting future where there will be solar roadways, solar cars, solar planes, solar trains, solar boats, self-driving cars, and much much more wireless. We will see a future with far more distributed solar power rather than centralized power.

Professor Jose Luiz Cordeiro, the Venezuelen scientist, futurist, economist, engineer, and columnist, is extremely enthusiastic because he is excited about sharing information and being a proactive futurist. In the link below, you can find out the four potential types of attitudes toward the future described by Professor Cordeiro in his TED talk, “The Future Is Not What Is Used To Be: Jose Luis Cordeiro at TEDxRio+20“.  Professor Cordeiro literally effervesces for he is able to fully appreciate both the danger and opportunities our future is availing us. This is a common characteristics one finds in Solar Enthusiasts and Futurists; the thought of potential future free energy and transhumanism simply holds such incredible promises that one cannot help oneself but become effervescent!

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