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I really need to share this “Standing Ovation at the InterSolar North America Open Ceremony” with you all, taking place in July of 2014, at Moscone Center of San Francisco, CA.:


California Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. was met with a standing ovation as he delivered the keynote remarks at Intersolar North America’s Opening Ceremony 2014. Following the Governor’s remarks, San Francisco’s Mayor Edwin M. Lee took the stage. New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker similarly championed local policies that have grown the solar energy industry significantly in New York. Franz Untersteller, minister of the environment, climate protection and the energy sector, Germany, discussed the major policy incentives implemented in Germany that have played a key role boosting the solar industry. Finally, CALSEIA’s executive director Bernadette Del Chiaro concluded the session with a discussion of California’s solar policies and an inspirational call to action, asking the audience to help quadruple the solar industry in the next six years.

It is important to point out/remind ourselves that:

1. There is much more solar that needs to be installed in the decades to come!

2. There is much more needing to be done. We’ve not yet met the turning point to Sustainability.

3.  The cost of PV modules has dropped 80% in the last five years.

4.  Solar Industry employs more than 142,000 people in USA (more than 50,000 in CA).

5.  We can look to and utilize much of the lessons learned from Germany.

6.  Solar is desperately NEEDED now, especially in light of climate change.

7.  16.5% of the electricity supply of CA on any given day is from Solar (without including the 2 GW on rooftops).

8.  CA Solar Industry now employs more people than the three investor-owned utility companies combined.

So, let those of us in the rest of the 49 states also align ourselves with this tremendous task of transitioning into the Renewable/Solar Energy Future!

~have a bright and sunny day~

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