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Solar and Renewable Energy investment is no longer just a way to save our world, but also a way for us to invest with very promising future. I’d  like to share the video below with you to help shed some light on Green Investment and Feed-In-Tariff. Keep in mind that this is an interview from a year ago (with Timothy Nash, President of Strategic Sustainable Investments) and that means the green investments is even closer to the mainstream now.

According to Timothy Nash’s research project under Green Transition Scoreboard, there were $2 trillion invested in Green Investments (excluding government investments) globally since 2007. These investments tend to focus on green buildings, smart grids, and various companies’ R & D. Mr. Nash feels that large companies have played a significant role in investing in innervation (i.e. IBM’s Solution For Smarter Planet, GE, green car investments by Toyota & Aldi). Some of the low hanging fruits mentioned by Mr. Nash are in areas of energy and material efficiency. An interesting observation: people are willing to work for lower wages if companies are doing positive things for our planet. Ontario’s Feed-In-Tariff is discussed: the cut in Feed-In-Tariff is viewed as being counter-productive to job creations and decreased opportunities.

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