Solar Impulse 2, First Solar Plane Daring To Attempt Circumventing Around the World, Arriving In Chongqing, China


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Solar Impulse 2 Journey Around the World Map (Source: Solar Impulse)

Solar Impulse 2 Journey Around the World Map (Source: Solar Impulse)

Solar Impulse 2 Diagram (Source: Solar Impulse)

Solar Impulse 2 Diagram (Source: Solar Impulse)

Solar Impulse 2 Touchdown in Mandalay

Solar Impulse 2 Touchdown in Mandalay (Source: Solar Impulse)

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It’s a historical moment in Chongqing, China ! On March 30, 2015, just after 17:30 GMT, Solar Impulse 2 (the Solar Plane) has completed the fifth leg of its around-the-world flight. Solar Impulse is the first solar powered plane that has flown around the world! Due to weather conditions, the Solar Impulse team is laying over in southwest China for more than just a brief stop (as in the original plan) before pushing forward to Nanjing in eastern China and onward to Hawaii.

Solar Impulse 2 or HB-SIB would not have existed without the experience from Solar Impulse 1 or HB-SIA. Below is a video of Solar Impulse 1 or HB-SIA, “Best of 2010” of Solar Impulse:

It’s been almost three weeks since the beginning of the journey (of 12 legs) of HB-SIB that began from Abu Dhabi. The complete journey is expected to circumnavigate the globe and returning to the Emirate in few months. Solar Impulse has set two world records: First, the longest distance covered (1,468 km) on a single trip by manned solar plane between Muscat, Oman, and Ahmedabad, India. Second, the ground speed of 117 knots (216 km/h; 135 mph) achieved during the leg between Varanasi, India and Mandalay, Myanmar.

This fifth leg has proven to be not so easy for the Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard, Besides covering a distance of 1,375 km and facing some difficult winds while approaching Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, the local controllers also asked Piccard to delay his arrival due to the pressure of commercial traffic. This truly reflects the journey of Solar Energy Age, for despite all of its obstacles that needed to be overcome, its future is certain to be bright. Its future has arrived!

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