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Solar Power Satellite Concept (NASA)

Solar Power Satellite Concept (NASA, 1976)

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Isn’t it terrific that in the process of searching for solution to one problem, the California Drought, in our previous post, one may be led to a new horizon that holds the promise to all critical earthly issues: Energy-Pollution-Water-International Conflicts-Local Economics. Such is the case when I came across the concept and video on “Seawater Desalination via Solar Power Satellites“. I felt the need to find out more about Solar Power Satellites for energy is the common denominator and deciding factor for economic growth, inflation, and national security.  There is great need for all earthlings to transition quickly from a paradigm with pollution to a new paradigm of clean energy and better quality of life. Solar Energy future truly holds the key for it creates the least amount of environmental risk compared to other alternative energy sources. Now, in order to reach the desired growth speed to meet the demand of our growing earthly population, Solar Powered Satellite or Space-Based Solar Power would be the ultimate answer to address all of these issues.

Years ago, space-based solar power was too expensive and impractical. But things have changed since then. “The topic appeared to be dead several years ago, but it has received new life in the last year and a half,” said John C. Mankins, former head of Advanced Concepts Studies at NASA Headquarters, at a “Green Series” lecture in the Pearl Young Theatre in 2008.

To recap a bit of history regarding Space Energy industry: Peter Glaser, a vice president at Arthur D. Little, invented the “Solar Power Satellite” in 1968. The patent for that satellite was received in 1973. The basic design concept of a space-based solar power system in the 1970s was inefficient, difficult to launch, had no automation and received negative feedback from the National Research Council (NRC) and the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA). Much have changed since 1973: We have increased solar power generation efficiency, increased efficiency in wireless power transmission, created easier launch capabilities and have a more retractable design that does not require any astronauts or space factories, as the 1970s version did.

John C. Mankins, former head of Advanced Concepts Studies at NASA Headquarters,  made the point that “you don’t need hundreds of billions of dollars to see if these new systems are economically viable.” He admits that we are faced with a “grand challenge,” in part because there is no U.S. organization responsible for both space programs and solar energy security. That was then,  now we have SpaceX, a company that has already improved/dramatically reduced the cost of space transport and launch.

solar_power_satellite_Suntower concept

Solar Power Satellite-Suntower concept


Solar Power Satellite-Solardisk concept

Solar power satellite sandwich or_abascus_concept final

Solar Power Satellite- Sandwich or Abascus concept

At this point, please allow me to introduce you to several Solar-Based Solar Power concepts at wikipedia (illustrated above) and a gripping TED talk on Space Energy Presentation by Peter Sage, an international serial entrepreneur, below (There are two parts to this talk):


Be prepared to hear a lot more about Space-Based Solar Power in the coming decade! As you can see, fellow earthlings, it is necessary to collaborate globally in order to enable the success of such projects. Time to reinforce our Collaboration and Global Mentality for our coming century! We are looking forward to a future with the technology that is capable of transferring energy, on demand, any where on earth, in real time, as it’s needed, 24 hours a day. Nothing else can do that! It is truly the real promise of Space-Based Solar Power!

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