The Solar Tsunami WIll Take Powerwall & Powerpack Into An Industry Greater Than $21 Billion !


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Tesla Powerwall Specs final

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Many of you may be curious about the first week post-announcement of Powerwall from our May 1, 2015 post. The reception for Tesla’s new batteries has been OVERWHELMING!!! These are how Bloomberg Business breaks down the $800 million of orders:

  • The Powerwall home batteries designed to be paired with rooftop solar systems received 38,000 reservations.
  • Some customers order more than one battery. Average reservation is somewhere from 1.5 to 2 batteries. Musk described the total demand as “more like 50,000 or 60,000” batteries in early reservations.
  • The Powerwall comes in two designs at $3,000 or $3,500 each.
  • Total Powerwall orders so far is $178.8 million.
  • Tesla has received 2,500 reservations for the utility-scaled Powerpack, usually ordered/installed with “at least 10 Powerpacks”…equivalent to  25,000 units totally at 2.5 million kWh.
  • Musk tweeted last week that pricing for the Powerpack is $250 kWh.
  • Total Powerpack orders thus far is: $625 million.

So, Tesla’s grand total for battery reservations during the first week is $803.8 million! They sold out their first year’s production during the first week! It is no wonder they are already considering expanding the gigafactory after just one week!


Tesla is currently also working on projects with Target and Amazon and with electric utilities that include Southern California Electric and Texas-based OnCor. It is not only the individual home owners with distributed solar but utilities are also interested in building battery storage. Batteries can replace some peaker plants while strengthening the grid. With the cost of battery now falling as fast as the solar panels, some electricity from your outlet may soon be coming from battery storage. Powerwall & Powerpack, the cost effective battery storage, have now taken care of one of the arguments against solar, its intermittency. We are seeing the effect of first touch down of previously announced Solar Tsunami ! The world will be a cleaner, healthier, and better place, thanks to Elon Musk’s batteries and Solar Tsunami ! Perhaps Elon Musk’s American dream: a chicken in every pot, a Tesla in every garage powered by solar panels in the roof through Powerwall battery, will soon become a reality. Some people in the energy industry forecasted that although  currently $605 million industry, by 2024 it can very well become a $21 billion industry. Of course, many other experts in the field feel that number would be much bigger than $21 billion.

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