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Allow me to share with you some of the golden nuggets (above) during opening ceremony of Intersolar North America 2015:  It is both heart warming and energizing to hear the opening speech by Prof./Dr. Eicke R. Weber, the Intersolar North America Conference Chairman and Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) at Intersolar North America 2015, in Intercontinental Hotel.  Prof. Weber’s speech is full of good news. Besides mentioning the necessity of renewable energy source, its cost trending downward toward 2-4 cents per kWh and much more improved energy storages becoming commercially available on the market, Prof. Weber also reminds us that PV is currently at its infancy, equivalent to the automotive sector back in 1920’s, with much exciting growth to come in the coming decade. Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Tesla Motors, J.B. Straubel, further supports this view, adding the synergy between PV, renewables, and cars, and achieving sustainability with transportation. In order to achieve this, it is important not just to make electric vehicles but to make sure that these electric vehicles are linked back to renewable energy sources.There is much similarity between the PV and e-vehicle markets, both have dropped in cost and will eventually be dominating its respective markets (PV in the energy market and e-vehicle in transportation market). It is truly exciting to be at the beginning of the cost-decline curve, for PV to be within grasping distance of the goal of being cheaper than fossil energy. Such a tipping point is anticipated to occur within the coming decade. Yes, sensation of excitement is palpable in the room. I felt as though surrounded by a room full of soldiers, rearing to go.

At this point, I’d like to present two charts: 1. Global Annual PV Market Until 2017 (Sourc: EPIA) 2. Global Revenues of PV Energy Storage, in Billion US$ (Source: IHS Inc.), below:

Global Annual PV Market Between 2013-2017 (Source: EPIA) made available by sunisthefuture.net

Global Revenues for PV Energy Storage (Source: IHS Inc.) chart made available by sunisthefuture.net

Continuing on, the Executive Director of CALSEIA (California Solar Energy Industries Association) Bernadette Del Chiaro, points out that the 3 gigawatts of solar installations within the past 3 months in CA is largely responsible for combating the shortfall of hydroelecric output resulting from CA draught (recall 25% of the CA energy/power comes from hydroelectric power, currently down 25-50% due to CA draught). So, definitely applause is in order for the unsung hero of solar PV!  It is terrific to hear the statistics on “every 3 minutes, some one in CA is going Solar“. Director Del Chiaro also reminded the audience the importance of SAVE The ITC (Investmnet Tax Credit) campaign. Then we come to New York Senator Kevin S. Parker, citing more exponential growth data of solar installations and the New York -Sun Initiative, with ambitious goal of 3 gigawatts of solar installations in the coming decade. He further states that he is looking for opportunities of partnerships with various groups for large scale renewables as the state of New York continues to walk toward the Sun. More on Intersolar North America 2015 and storing the sun, below, with Kilian Reichert:

Also, it is important for the world to learn from CA, to encourage the right kind of policy to be instituted so to encourage the growth of solar and renewable energy. During Intersolar North America 2015, we’d like to share some thoughts from the Champion of Change Award winner, former state assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, who was instrumental in introducing the mandate of 33% of the electricity generated from CA to be coming from renewable sources such as solar. She is in support of policy that would encourage renewable sources for both distributed as well as utility scale generation. Our hats off to Nancy Skinner! I believe such mandate would benefit all states of USA. More, below….

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