Multi-Tasking R-Volt (Aerovoltaic) of Systovi at Intersolar North America 2015


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Systovi's R-Volt-1 (credit:

Systovi’s R-Volt-1 (credit:

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The video below is about a multi-tasking solar module system, R-Volt, by a French company SystoviM. Ludovic Baudry explains this clean and conserving solar module system during Intersolar North America 2015, at Moscone Center of San Francisco, CA, in July of 2015. As indicated in the above diagram, there is an extra layer of air gap that would allow forced air through to utilize the heat generated from the solar cells under the sun to heat up the house while boosting the solar cell efficiency by reducing the heat on the solar cells (henceforth, aerovoltaic). This rather smart and efficient design of generating electricity-heating up the house-boosting solar cell efficiency simultaneously would be particularly welcomed in colder climate regions.


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