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Solar Cars on display for spectators and participants of World Solar Challenge 2015 in Victoria Square of Adelaide, Australia (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Solar Cars on display for spectators and participants of World Solar Challenge 2015 in Victoria Square of Adelaide, Australia, on Saturday, October 24, 2015 (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

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Bridgestone, local volunteers, and event organizer Chris Selwood have all done a terrific job in facilitating for the success of this event, World Solar Challenge 2015. But the reality is that much work, time, energy, and expenses are required for these universities/schools, students, and parents in order for these teams to participate (from research, design, testing, obtaining material, to plane fare and hotel expense, etc.) As a matter of fact, some of the teams that were participating in 2013 are not here in 2015 because of the lack of funding support. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you  some ingenious methods (thought up by students and participants of WSC2015) of obtaining funding for future participation in World Solar Challenges.

First Method Example: Owl of Kogakuin University Solar Vehicle Project from Japan Is For Sale !!!

Owl of Kogakuin University Solar Vehicle Project from Japan, Winner of the Cruiser Class in World Solar Challenge 2015 (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Owl of Kogakuin University Solar Vehicle Project from Japan, Winner of the Cruiser Class in World Solar Challenge 2015 (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

A Historical Moment has arrived! The solar vehicle that has just come in first in the Cruiser Class of World Solar Challenge 2015, by Kogakuin University, is now selling it as a way to raise fund for future World Solar Challenge races. It is designed with a family in mind, traveling up to 100 km/h and with a carrying capacity for four. Any car collectors, car dealerships, educational institutions, or solar businesses would have a wonderful opportunity to acquire/showcase/support solar projects by considering to purchase this vehicle. If any of you out there is interested, please contact the Kogakuin Universtiy Solar Vehicle Project via email:

A shout out to Jay Leno (well known American talk show host who has a passion for collecting cars and is now running a show call Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC)! Jay, this is the car for your show to usher in our Renewable/Solar Energy Age!!! Let’s all tweet to Jay: @jayleno  and @LenosGarage to help him realize this fantastic opportunity at World Solar Challenge!

If any other Solar Car Teams will be interested in raising fund in this manner, please keep Sun Is The Future informed so we can help you to let the world know that there is such opportunity for car enthusiasts and organizations to obtain Solar Cars !

Second Method Example: Solis Bellator of Liberty Christian School Solar Car Team from U.S.A.

Above is a student (Cameron Mutis, the media consultant of Solis Bellator) from Liberty Christian School of Argyle, TX (of USA). These students are amazing! They simply got dressed and pitched at various organizations, companies, and individuals to gather $150,000 then designed, made, and participated in World Solar Challenge 2015. In this process, they have not only learned about the building of a solar car, but also various aspects of locating resources and funding an organization or project. What they have accomplished is not easy, especially when you consider that some of the other university solar car teams are running on a budget of multiple millions of dollars and with guidance from industries. I suspect their teacher/coach Brent Dragoo had contributed much to the success of the team, for between Oct. 20-21, their charge controller died and they had to order another from the company in Brisbane to overnight it to Coober Pedy. Truly resourceful! If you should be interested in helping to support this school and/or their solar car project, please feel free to contact Liberty Christian School at 940-294-2000 (USA) and/or Donate (with Designation specified for “solar car“)

Third Method Example: Fund Raising Campaigns globally via various Crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter, etc. Remember that there are a lot of crowdfunding platforms out there. You may find one or more most suitable for your particular situation/school by googling. Keep in mind that tips on how to start or run a successful campaign may be obtained via youtube. Incredible as it may seem, one of the well known solar campaigns funded via indiegogo was by an Idaho (USA) couple who were designing for Solar Roadway. They were asking for $1 million but ended up receiving slightly more than $2 million by the end of the whole campaign. When any one team is running a campaign, it is important to try to let as many people know about the motivation and duration of the campaign. Sun Is The Future would be gladly help to assist in letting the world know about your campaign. But it is crucial that individual solar car team would set up their own campaign and provide their own web site with appropriate contact information before contacting Sun Is The Future at . Sun Is The Future will help to promote campaigns but would not be involved with the collection of donations.

May there always be plentiful beautiful Sunshine and sufficient funds for these beautiful Solar Cars for many many more decades to come….

More coverage on World Solar Challenge 2015 in the coming posts and at our youtube channel….

~have a bright and sunny day~

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