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From our previous post, there was the mention of Elon Musk’s talk at the Sorbonne in 2015. Since I’ve come across several other discussions referencing this talk, I think it’d be a good idea to share this talk with you all, below:

  1. Discussion of Climate Change, Carbon Cycle and the vertical climb within the last few hundred years: 5:10-15:47
  2. Need To Address Climate Change Q & A: 16:18-17:27
  3. Solar Energy As The Main Power Source : 30:50-31:40

Keep in mind that, if we wait to transition into the Renewables, the best case is postponing the inevitable transition to sustainable energy (believed by 3% of the scientists), and the worst case is more displacement and destruction than all the wars in history combined (believed by 97% of the scientists). As Elon commented, “this is the dumbest experiment in history EVER…why would you do this?!” He explains that the reason that there has been such a delay in transition into renewable/sustainable energy is because there is a hidden carbon subsidy (there is an annual $5.3 trillion subsidies for fossil fuels industry, according to IMF, International Monetary Fund) on all of the carbon emitting activities. Therefore, there is 35 gigatons of CO2 emissions per year from fossil fuels into our earth’s atmosphere,

Elon Musk's Talk at Sorbonne-Atmospheric CO2 chart readings at Mauna LOA Observatory

Elon Musk’s Talk at Sorbonne-Atmospheric CO2 chart readings at Mauna LOA Observatory

equating to not paying for garbage collections. Of course, due to the existence of such a huge subsidy, there is great amount of resistance to removing the subsidy for fossil fuel or carbon emitters. He continues to explain the need for revenue-neutral carbon tax (carbon tax + tax cut somewhere else), ideally in a phased-in approach.


Elon Musk's Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle1

Elon Musk’s Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle1

03:34. Carbon cycle & temperature rise
08.10. Fossil Fuels Era
10:44. Carbon Tax

Elon Musk's Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle3

Elon Musk’s Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle3

16:18. Importance of climate change
17:35. Effectiveness of incentives
19:50. Storing CO2
21:07. Lithium availability
22:30. Tesla PowerPack big projects
24:13. Government role
26:43. Colonising Mars
27:52. Future energy sources
29:16. Nuclear fission / Nuclear Fusion
31:45. Advices to energy entrepreneurs
33:22. Government incentives
35:00. Artificial Intelligence
36:22. Fund raising challenges (Tesla insight)

38:54. Changing society energy behaviour
41:19. Green energy lobbying
45:55. COP21 in Paris
46:50. Getting CO2-dependent countries on-board
49:21. Batteries carbon footprint
51:50. Sustainable future roadmap

We all need to talk to our policy makers about Sustainable Future, Carbon Tax, and policies that will speed up the transition toward our Renewable/Sustainable Future! So Let’s Do It! Did you know that states (such as CA, HI, and CO) within USA and countries (such as Germany) within EU that are more progressive with their renewable energy policy all have much lower unemployments rates than those that are not progressive with their renewable energy policy?
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