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Tesla Dual Motor design (credit: Tesla/Screen shot)

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After all that’s been going on with Trump Administration this week, I seriously need to report/share on some topics that would make me feel good. Last night, as I came across an article about Tesla’s dual-engine or dual motor design, I realized that I never did report, in detail, about this intriguing design in the past. I’ve known about Tesla’s self-driving or autopilot optional feature in Tesla Model S/X/3, but did not mention much about its dual motor design until last night. It is very impressive both in its efficiency and optimized outcome in speed and acceleration. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.20 seconds, with top speed at 155 mph. Any of the Tesla cars that comes with dual motor/engine would come with “D” in its model name. In the video below, one can see the front drive unit and rear drive unit of Model S. Its uniqueness is in its ability to be able to shift its dynamic power from front to rear in a matter of millilseconds. So its torque can be quickly adjusted, much better and quicker than the historical mechanically linked system (linked with the shaft). So, this is a design equivalent to the digital system, replacing the old analog system. Its constant optimal efficiency level is actually able to compensate for the increased mass of a dual motor design. Every thing is improved with this design. In Elon Musk’s words, “it’s like having your own roller coaster.” It is actually coming with the option of having 3 settings: Normal, Sport, and Insane. Elon Musk also assured us that future designs of Tesla will continue to improve. The more affordable Tesla’s Model 3 (costing about $35,000) should be arriving by the end of 2017. Model 3 of 2017 currently comes with single motor, and Model 3 dual motor design can be ordered in 2018.



I was also very happy to find out about Elon Musk’s presentation in December of 2016 for Tesla Solar Roof. So, hopefully one day, soon in the future, we will be able to order an autopilot, dual motor, solar powered car from Tesla. In the mean time, apparently Tesla is also planning on bringing a new compact SUV to the market. This vehicle will be  the crossover version of the Model 3 and will be called Model Y, expected to be rolled out by 2020.

One thing to be certain, Elon Musk/Tesla never fails to bring us good news! Please speed up the process of designing for that Dual-Motor, Autopilot, Solar Powered Tesla car…for it will be the solution to energy, pollution, and auto-accidents.
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